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Financially divorce – proving legal marriage

In the event of a divorce, property division is an important and difficult issue in the divorce proceedings.

It is not easy to define the property as marital property or separate property if either of the parties intentionally conceals property information or is not transparent or dishonest in providing property information.

In other countries over the world, even during the marriage period, both parties make an agreement on dividing marital property and separate property.  In Vietnam, though the Vietnamese law allows both parties to do the same, there are a few cases where the parties make an agreement on dividing marital property during their marriage period because of influence by the local traditional lifestyle and culture.

Significant factors in making a will

A will is an expression of wishes of a person to bequeath his/her property to others after his/her death.  Making the will lets the testator designate who to receive his/her property and possession when he/she passes away, which is vital and significant because no one can foresee what would happen for the rest of life.  The will can also help to prevent unexpected disputes among relatives in the family regarding inheritance.


However, how to make the will legally and exactly express the wishes of the testator?  The following significant factors should be taken into account:

Estabblishing paternity – the key to child custody

  1. Establishing paternity 

Establishing paternity is the legal process of determining who a child’s father is companies with his paternity rights and duties toward his child.  The determination of paternity is important not only in moral terms but also in performing rights of child custody, nourishing support, inheritance, and other moral rights.

The paternity will be automatically recognized when the child is born during the marriage period.

How long is a divorce process?

When a marriage is on the edge of a breakdown, perhaps a divorce is a final solution to end all disagreements, arguments and sufferings for insiders.

Once couples finally get going with the divorce, besides all the questions related to property and common child, they often wonder: “How long is a divorce process?”.  Because there are many divorce cases that have lasted for several years, eventually making them exhausted.

Therefore, there are many factors affecting how long or short a divorce process is.  However, here are three key factors: