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Birth Certificate

Birth certificate could be seen a simple procedure, but sometimes it could be a challenge for especially the foreigners living in Vietnam because of the involvement in some kinds of certification and notarization complication. Our family law service helps you release such confused things but most importantly your child shall be guaranteed to have all the appropriate rights under Vietnam law and be prepared for obtaining citizenship with ease ... Read More

Immigration Solution

We provide comprehensive services for your immigration into Vietnam including getting work permit, visas and temporary residence card. Our professional team is comprised of specialists committed to delivering exceptional service and right advice at the beginning, to ensure full and constant compliance which is highly encouraged for a foreigner living in Vietnam, while getting the most result. ... Read More

Marriage registration and Prenuptial agreement

It is a formality, with complexity, to get married in Vietnam as residing foreigners. Though there is little to worry about getting a marriage registration certificate, several procedural steps may confuse you and so we truly recommend you seek out our help to properly secure your marriage ... Read More

Children’s matters

Our family lawyers guarantee that the children shall receive all the best benefits in any circumstances. Being skillful and visionary mediators and negotiators, we try our best to produce the plans and agreements that go beyond the basic requirements of the laws, and to cover all the possible interests and nullify any potential conflicts between you and your ex-spouse, from which a happy future for your children is secured ... Read More

Divorce and Assets division

It is never an easy thing to handle, especially where the case involves a lot of emotions and difficult matters of sharing children and property division. Seeking out the help of competent lawyers is always a very wise consideration. Our lawyers are skillful mediators and can help you settle the divorce amicably without going to court, keeping the details in utmost confidentiality, and protecting the reputation of your family with extreme care ... Read More