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Divorce and Assets division

A marriage ending in divorce is never an easy process.  Not only are there strong emotions and feelings between the parties, but there are also the complex matters of child custody and property division to sort out.  Seeking the help of competent lawyers is always a very wise action to take....Read More

Will and Estate

At Family Lawyers, our Wills and Estates practice will help guide you in settling estates and assist you with wealth planning for your family’s future. The most important aspect of a will is that the terms will be fully honored and followed after you are no longer present...Read More

Children’s matters

Child custody and matters related to minors
Issues involving children often are very sensitive, emotionally charged and worrying for the parents. Our family lawyers guarantee that children and minors shall receive all the benefits they are entitled to under any circumstances.  With years of tested skills and experience in the field, we aim to achieve plans and agreements that go beyond the basic requirements of the law and to accommodate all possible interests...Read More

Immigration Solution

We provide comprehensive services for your immigration into Vietnam including getting work permit, visas and temporary residence card. Our professional team is comprised of specialists committed to delivering exceptional service and right advice at the beginning, to ensure full and constant compliance which is highly encouraged for a foreigner living in Vietnam, while getting the most result. ... Read More

Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are usually a simple procedure.  However, they may become a challenge especially for foreigners living in Vietnam due to complications with certification and notarization.  Our family law practice not only will assist you in navigating the red tape, but also ensure that your child will have all their entitled rights under Vietnam law and prepare the necessary groundwork to obtain citizenship...Read More

Marriage registration and Prenuptial agreement

It is a complex formality to get married in Vietnam as residing foreigners.  Though there is little to worry about in obtaining a marriage registration certificate, several procedural steps may confuse you and we highly recommend you seek out our help to properly secure your marriage...Read More