Birth Certificate

Birth certificates are usually a simple procedure.  However, they may become a challenge especially for foreigners living in Vietnam due to complications with certification and notarization.  Our family law practice not only will assist you in navigating the red tape, but also ensure that your child will have all their entitled rights under Vietnam law and prepare the necessary groundwork to obtain citizenship.

Over the years, we have successfully advised clients on the following legal matters:

  • Determinations regarding the nationality of the child which may impact their rights and liabilities later;
  • Establishment of the marital status or relationship between the father and the mother of the child, and documentation supporting the recognition of the child being naturally born to the parents.  Should this be done incorrectly, with inconsistent details from a third party, it is likely to lead to difficulties filing for the birth certificate. For example, the hospital where the child was born could provide misleading information on documentation that can lead to an unexpected denial of birth certificate issuance; and
  • Matters relating to translation of documents and ensuring those documents meet authentication and quality standards to avoid all risks to the future benefits of the parents and children.