Birth Certificate

Birth certificate could be seen a simple procedure, but sometimes it could be a challenge for especially the foreigners living in Vietnam because of the involvement in some kinds of certification and notarization complication.  Our family law service helps you release such confused things but most importantly your child shall be guaranteed to have all the appropriate rights under Vietnam law and be prepared for obtaining citizenship with ease.

Over the years, we have successfully advised clients on the following tangle situations:

  • Decision on the nationality of the child which may affect their rights and liabilities later;
  • Marital status or relationship of the father and the mother of the child, and documents for supporting the recognition of the child being their truly nature-born, which may have been issued with details inconsistently from third party, leading to difficulties when filing for birth certificate. For example, the hospital where the child was born could give the misleading information on paper that can lead to unexpected wrong consequence in issuing the birth certificate; and
  • Matters relating to translation of documents and making sure those documents meet the standards of true quality, completely risk-free for all future benefits of parents and the child.