Divorce and Assets division


A marriage ending in divorce is never an easy process.  Not only are there strong emotions and feelings between the parties, but there are also the complex matters of child custody and property division to sort out.  Seeking the help of competent lawyers is always a very wise action to take.  Our attorneys are skillful mediators and can help you settle the divorce quickly and amicably without going to court.  In addition, we realize the importance of keeping the details of the divorce separation in utmost confidentiality and protecting the reputation of your family with extreme care.

Family law matters can be difficult on all parties involved.  Family Lawyers will work with you to provide professional service to you and your family during this difficult time. We are committed to providing you the most compassionate and competent support possible.


Dividing and distributing the family’s property during divorce can be quite challenging, especially if there are significant assets such as houses, cars, bank accounts, closely-held businesses, professional practices and licenses.  Deciding who should get what can be a complex undertaking, even under the most amicable situations.  However, should your divorce be contentious, property division becomes more problematic and complicated.

Whether the parties are working together or not, our senior lawyers are equipped with years of extensive experience to help you identify the issues surrounding:

  • Asset valuation: including real estate, ownership of enterprises, bank accounts, and entitlements.
  • Calculation of debt: mortgages taken out by you and your spouse, credit cards and check balances, personal liabilities, and any amounts outstanding.
  • Planning for alimony: clear direction on how post-marriage financial support shall be managed.