Marriage registration and Prenuptial agreement


Our family law service provides a tailored service in this particular period of run-up to your wedding.

It is a formality, with complexity, to get married in Vietnam as residing foreigners.  Though there is little to worry about getting a marriage registration certificate, several procedural steps may confuse you and so we truly recommend you seek out our help to properly secure your marriage.  Our lawyers shall guide and assist you with:

  • Preparing and translating all relevant documents for your marriage registration;
  • Conducting the notarization at your country’s Embassy; and
  • Accompanying you and your spouse during the marriage registration.


We believe that a prenuptial agreement is never a concept unfamiliar to you.  Career and love are the two goals that you pursuit your whole life, and to achieve one thing at the sacrifice of the other may not be so wise.  It is in your best interest that you share your properties with your spouse during good time and protect the downside of your relationship in case things turn sour.

A prenuptial agreement, in its essence, doesn’t necessarily imply a hostile attitude towards your partner, or your love.  It is not a selfish planning and you do not have to be afraid when discussing this concern with your spouse, and our lawyers.  As widely seen, with an increasingly volatile business environment anywhere in the world and the fact that you and your spouse may not be from a same country of living, plus the significant changes in potential circumstances, greatly affecting your marital status, to firstly sign a preconditioned paper is to show your thoughtful care for your family.

At Our family lawyers, prenuptial agreements are uniquely made to protect your financial interest at the best.  We focus on the details of your specific needs, your assets, bank accounts, properties, investments, inside and outside of Vietnam to make sure them to be carefully reviewed and clearly defined in the prenuptial agreement, but at most to effectively eliminate all the risks in future conflicts that can lead your matter to litigation.  In the worst situation at court, you will be surely secured because of this highly protective agreement.