Will and Estate

At Family Lawyers, our Wills and Estates practice will help guide you in settling estates and assist you with wealth planning for your family’s future. The most important aspect of a will is that the terms will be fully honored and followed after you are no longer present.  To legally protect your loved ones from potential litigation and probate disputes, a will should be specifically tailored and written with the expertise and skill that our attorneys have obtained over years.  We will guide you through the process of creating a will step-by-step and clear up any questions you may have regarding the specific legal language and terms that must be included in these documents.

The quality of a will shall determine its enforceability and whether it protects against all potential conflict of interests, challenges, and allegations of undue influence during the probate process.  Prior to drafting the will, we will get to know you, your family situation and your goals to make sure all potential issues are addressed in your will or trust.  We will help you with all matters related to the testamentary instrument, including:

  • Drafting or revising your will
  • Setting up a revocable trust
  • Representing you in will and trust litigation matters

The best and least expensive route is to have your will completed by an experienced attorney to ensure that everything is in order and that it is properly signed and witnessed.  Otherwise, there is a significant risk that problems will occur with the enforceability of the document at the probate hearing and it is possible that the legal validity of your will may be challenged at a later date.