Child Support Lawyers for Women & Mothers in Vietnam

Child Support Lawyers for Women & Mothers in Vietnam

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Ending a marriage has never been easy, and having a child involved can add to the stress mothers face during divorce. For most parents, the custody of their children is typically the first matter that comes to mind. However, as a loving mother with the best interests of your kid at heart, it is equally crucial to consider the issue of the subsequent maintenance of your young ones or child support.

Specifically, child support refers to predetermined regular payments a spouse is legally required to make to the other spouse who retains primary custody of the child. This sum accounts for the child’s expenses in food, shelter, education, clothing and health care, which are essential for his or her upbringing.

As with any legal proceeding, child support determination is a complex process, and it can be easy to flounder when you do not have a thorough understanding of the law. This is where Family Lawyers can step in to provide the required assistance.

As a leading litigation firm in Vietnam specialized in this field, our strong understanding of the nuances of law makes us well-positioned to offer invaluable insights into your delicate situation and manage it properly. By working with our team of experienced attorneys, you can save significant time and trouble and enjoy peace of mind knowing that your interests and those of your children are fully protected.

What Difficulties Do Women and Mothers Face When Dealing with Child Support Matters?

When it comes to child support matters, mothers often encounter challenges on multiple fronts. For instance, Vietnamese laws stipulate that the obligations towards children are always jointly shared between the father and mother regardless of marital status. This means neither parent can expect the other party to fully cover all the expenses of raising a child.

As gender divide is a persistent problem in Vietnam, women often face challenges in accessing economic opportunities. Thus, mothers may not always have the means to meet these required obligations. While you can negotiate for more favorable child support terms individually with your former spouse, this is not easy, especially when your relationship has soured.

Adding to the list of woes are the deeply entrenched notions of gender in Vietnamese society. With women often expected to be docile spouses, they may feel compelled to accept the terms offered by their former husbands to avoid social implications. Consequently, mothers may struggle financially after separation when they do not receive adequate support from their former partner.

However, by engaging the help of a law firm, you can easily work around these challenges to advocate for and enforce your legal rights in Vietnam smoothly. When represented by a professional adept at handling such situations, you can be safe in the knowledge that guidance is readily available every step of the way.

More importantly, these experienced lawyers can better anticipate potential issues and counter them, enabling you to benefit from having a greater chance to attain a more positive outcome.

What Type of Child Support Matters Can Family Lawyers Help Women With?

At Family Lawyers, helping mothers navigate legal procedures is at the heart of what we do. As such, our services cover women in multiple areas relating to child support.

1. Family Lawyers Can Help Mothers Determine Income for Child Support Cases

There are several factors that dictate the amount of child support payable, one of which includes the incomes of a child’s parents. However, proving an individual’s income can be tricky when the individual is self-employed, which is relatively common in Vietnam.

Family Lawyers can be of great assistance in these situations. Equipped with rich resources, our attorneys have the means to help mothers kickstart initiatives such as asset searches and wage garnishment orders that are effective in uncovering relevant evidence on income that may not otherwise be readily available. Consequently, you will be empowered to make a stronger argument for your case that helps you get better child support terms.

2. Our attorneys Can Help Mothers Negotiate Terms for Child Support

Reaching an agreement is hardly a smooth-sailing process for divorcing couples. In the event that your former spouse refuses to bear his responsibility for child support, Family Lawyers can step in to facilitate the discussion as a middleman. This helps mothers avoid being coerced into accepting unfavorable terms by an intimidating former spouse and increases the likelihood of achieving a more amicable resolution.

3. Child Support Enforcement

Despite your active efforts, discussions can sometimes fall through. In such circumstances, our law firm can offer guidance on your next steps. This can come in the form of assisting with applications for legal enforcement of child support arrangements to protect the rights of both mother and child.

4. Modification Cases

Certainly, there are times when you manage to settle your legal case smoothly at the initial hearing. However, seeking the counsel of a lawyer is still recommended, as potential issues may surface down the road.

For example, you will want the court to reevaluate the situation when factors affecting the fulfillment of child support obligations arise. If a divorced spouse now earns much more than before, mothers may also wish to increase their former partner’s contribution. While modifications are not guaranteed, having an experienced attorney to represent you can significantly increase your odds of getting the best possible outcome.

Why Hire Child Support Lawyers from Family Lawyers?

Child support matters can be emotionally taxing and daunting to manage alone. As the only law firm in Vietnam specializing in family law, Family Lawyers is confident in leveraging our expertise to offer the best counsel for all aspects of child support. If you seek a lawyer for child support and other aspects of family-related legal affairs, you can also count on Family Lawyers to address your varied concerns.

Our glowing track record is a testament to our commitment and capabilities in navigating the complexities of the legal landscape. With our unique background and experience, mothers can be assured that their situation will be handled with a compassionate yet firm touch to reach the optimal outcome. Browse our FAQs or reach out to our team today to learn more about how our services can benefit your case.

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