Divorce and Division of Assets

Divorce and Division of Assets

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Going Through a Divorce?

The process of permanently separating from a marital partner can be an emotional and confusing time. Adding to this, the process can be lengthy on occasions and involve various complexities and thus should be handled by an experienced lawyer from a reputable law firm. There are many aspects to divorce that require your consideration and collaborative efforts from both parties of the marriage. They include the division of property, child custody, spousal support, and the settlement of debts, to name but a few.

Why Engage Family Lawyers as your Divorce Law Firm?

It is imperative that you have the support of a skilled divorce lawyer who can guide you through this challenging time. Family Lawyers have a great deal of experience in this field and we are exceptionally capable. Our solicitors are skilled mediators and this can bring about a swift yet amicable divorce settlement, eliminating the need for you to attend court. Family Lawyers understand the need for confidentiality and we have an innate awareness of ensuring that the identity and reputation of the family in question remains protected at all times.

What Can Our Divorce Law Firm Help You With

Our experienced divorce attorneys are dedicated to providing personalized legal representation to each and every single one of our clients and will take the time to get to know your case and be on top of things, as we ensure that you are informed of all your options. As divorce lawyers, be it for women or men, we provide an array of services tailored to accommodate any situation, with the purpose of achieving positive outcomes for our clients going through a divorce. Our law firm is adept in managing divorce cases concerning:

1. Asset Valuation

We will assess the value of all your assets, determine the ownership of each one, and provide advice on how to divide these assets in an equitable manner amongst the parties involved in the divorce proceedings. This may involve examining both spouses’ business interests, family trusts, as well as interests in companies and superannuation funds. Apart from financial assets and property, our divorce lawyers will explain who is entitled to keep certain items, these will include things such as the family pet, jewelry, and/or any other valuable and sentimental possessions.

2. Division of Assets

The division and distribution of the family property during a divorce can be challenging to undertake. Due diligence and careful consideration needs to be given to the various types of assets that are held, homes, bank accounts, businesses, as well as professional practices and licenses amongst others. The process can become more demanding if the assets that are being held by any one spouse are located in a foreign jurisdiction, any of the assets are illiquid, or they are of a significant amount. Coming to a conclusion about which party retains what asset, can be taxing at the best of times. Whether the divorce is amicable or acrimonious, it is prudent to have an expert from Family Lawyers by your side. Our divorce lawyers can help both men and women divide the assets fairly by providing legal advice and guidance on the most suitable form of division and the paperwork involved. We will work with you to create a legally binding agreement that is fair and just for both parties, be it real estate, ownership of enterprises, bank accounts, and/or entitlements.

3. Calculation of Debt

Our divorce law firm will assess the types and amount of debt incurred by both husband and wife. This could include credit cards and check balances, mortgages taken up by you and your spouse, car loans, as well as other personal liabilities and financial obligations. Our lawyers will guide you on how to handle this debt and advise on the best way for each party to move forward with their finances after the divorce is finalized.

4. Planning of Alimony

We understand that couples may have different levels of earning capacity and based on this, will provide advice on potential spousal support after the divorce proceedings have been finalized. This could involve creating an agreement for periodic payments to be made from one party to another, or a lump sum payment. Our lawyers will ensure that the arrangement is fair and reflective of each party’s individual situation so that no one is left in a precarious financial position.

5. Child Custody Matters

Matters that involve children can often be sensitive and emotionally charged for parents. Our divorce law firm has extensive experience in dealing with child custody matters. We will consider the best interests of the children and create a plan that is equitable to both parents. Our solicitors will work with all the parties involved in the divorce to accommodate all possible interests, as we help you explore all options such as joint physical custody, legal custody, and even if it is appropriate to establish visitation rights for one parent.

6. Child Support

Child support is an important factor of family law, with parents having a legal obligation to provide financial assistance for any children they have. In the event that one parent has been awarded child custody, our firm’s family lawyers can assist you in dealing with child support matters by providing guidance on the best option for your particular circumstances. This may include assisting in the negotiation as well as obtaining court orders for the payment of specific amounts or determining the appropriate contributions for education costs and other expenses that are related to raising children. Our divorce lawyers will help ensure that all parties involved adhere to their obligations so as to avoid potential court proceedings.

7. Finalizing Your Divorce

The end of a marriage is not easy, but it does not have to be complicated either. Our law firm will help you make sense of all aspects from asset division, debt settlement, child custody/support issues and more so that you can move forward in life with peace of mind after your divorce. With an extensive amount of experience, our team at Family Lawyers are able to effectively assist you with:

  • Asset valuation: including real estate, ownership of enterprises, bank accounts, and entitlements
  • Calculation of debt: mortgages taken out by you and your spouse, credit cards and check balances, personal liabilities, and any amounts outstanding
  • Planning for alimony: clear direction on how post-marriage financial support shall be managed

Family Lawyers is one of Vietnam’s top divorce specialists. We deal in all matters relating to the breakdown of a marriage and we offer pragmatic solutions to your individual situation and we do so with utmost care and consideration.

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