How are the procedures for recognizing father, mother, and children with foreign elements in border areas carried out?

A Commune-level People’s Committee in a border area shall register the recognition of parent-child between a Vietnamese citizen permanently residing in its Commune and a citizen of the neighboring country permanently residing in an administrative unit equivalent to a Commune in Vietnam adjacent to the border of Vietnam where the Vietnamese citizen permanently resides.

  • The person recognizing and the person to be recognized are the father, mother, and child who are all living;
  • The recognition of the father, mother, and child must not be disputed;
  • If the male and female partners cohabitated as husband and wife without a marriage registration, and the child is living with the father after the birth and the mother cannot be contacted, the father may conduct the parent-child recognition registration without the consent of the mother.

The dossier shall contain:

  • A parent-child recognition registration declaration on the prescribed form.
  • Evidence proving the parent and child relationship: (i) A written document verifying the parent-child relationship issued by a health agency, examination agency or other competent agency or organization within the country or abroad; (ii) If evidence proving the parent-child relationship is not available, the parties to the parent-child recognition shall make a written affidavit regarding the parent and child relationship, which must be witnessed by at least 02 people.

The applicant(s) must also present the following documents:

  • Passport or the ID card or the Citizenship identification card or other documents, which are not expired, with stickers of photos and personal information attached by the competent authorities, to prove the personal identity of the person requesting the registration of recognition of parent and child.
  • Papers proving the place of residence to determine the authority to register the recognition of parent-child (during the transitional period).
  • Papers proving the personal identification and permanent residence in the border area of the citizen of a neighboring country.

Procedure for implementation:

  • The person requesting the recognition of parent-child directly submits the application dossier to the competent People’s Committee at the Commune level; 
  • The dossier recipient shall be responsible for immediately checking the entire dossier and determining the validity of the documents submitted in the dossier and the documents shown by the requesting person; the recipient is also responsible for comparing the information in the declaration form with the documents in the dossier;
  • If a dossier is complete and valid, the recipient shall write a receipt slip specifying the date and time for the return of the outcome; if a dossier is incomplete, the recipient shall guide the requester to supplement or complete it according to regulations; if the dossier is unable to be completed immediately, the recipient shall prepare a written guidance, clearly stating the types of documents and contents to be completed, which is signed by the recipient with his/her full name;
  • After receiving complete and valid dossier, the justice and civil status officer checks the dossier and publicly posts the parent-child recognition at the People’s Committee head office.

If finding the parent-child recognition proper and dispute-free, the justice and civil status officer shall report it to Commune-level chairman of the People’s Committee. If the Commune-level chairman of the People’s Committee agrees, the justice and civil status officer shall record the registration of recognition of the parent-child relationship and instruct the requesting person to check the content of the extract of the recognition and the registration book.  The justice and civil status officer, together with the registering person, will then sign the book. Finally, the commune-level chairman of the People’s Committee shall sign and grant to each party one original extract of the registration for recognition of the parent-child relationship. 

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