How is a child’s separate property managed?

Children fully 15 years or older may themselves manage or ask their parents to manage their own property.

Parents shall manage the property of children who are under 15 years of age or children who have lost their civil capacity to act. In this case, parents may authorize other persons to manage their children’s separate property. Unless otherwise agreed to by the parents and the child, children’s separate property managed by their parents or other persons shall be given to them when they are fully 15 years of age or older or when their civil capacity to act has been restored. 

When examining the rights of parents in managing their children’s own property, it should be noted that:

Parents shall not manage their children’s own property when the persons giving or bequeathing under testament property to their children have designated other persons to manage such property, or in other cases as prescribed by law.

In cases where the parents are managing the separate property of their minor children or adult children who have lost their civil capacity to act and their children are assigned to other guardians, the children’s property shall be delivered to the guardians for management under the Civil Code.

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