On what grounds does the legal relationship between parents and children arise?

The legal relationship between parents and children arises from the following three grounds: 

  • Birth:  This is a natural event.  The mother’s pregnancy and giving birth to a child will result in a legal relationship between the child and its parents;
  • Adoption:  The conduct of persons (if they are husband and wife) who are eligible for statutory adoption to adopt another person. When an adoption is registered in advance with a competent State agency, the relationship between parents and child will arise;
  • Living together: When a wife’s stepchildren or husband’s stepchildren live with their stepfather or stepmother, and they nurture and care for each other like father and child or mother and child, the relationship between parents will arise.

Article 79 of the 2014 Law on Marriage and Family provides:

  1. Stepfathers and stepmothers have the rights and obligations to look after, raise, care for and educate the stepchildren of the other party living together with them according to Articles 69, 71 and 72 of this Law.
  2. Stepchildren have the right and obligation to take care of and support their stepfather and stepmother living with them according to Articles 70 and 71 of this Law.
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