What are acts prohibited by the population policy?

Implementing family planning is the right and obligation of every couple and individual. Therefore, the law on population prohibits the following acts:

  • Obstructing or forcing the practice of family planning;
  • Selecting the gender of unborn babies in any form; Diagnosing to select the sex of the fetus by methods such as identification through symptoms or pulse; through blood, gene, amniotic fluid, or cell tests; or through ultrasound and other methods. Terminating fetuses for the reason of sex selection by methods of abortion, or the supply and use of assorted chemicals, drugs and other measures;
  • Producing, trading in, importing and supplying fake contraceptive devices, or those which fail to satisfy quality standards, are past their expiration date, or have not yet been permitted for circulation;
  • Illegal migration and residence;
  • Propagating, disseminating or issuing information contrary to the population policy, the nation’s good moral traditions, or adversely affecting the population work and social life;
  • Human cloning.
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