What are the functions of the family?

The family has the following functions:

  • The function of maintaining the reproduction: this is the most crucial function of the family. Through the event of childbirth, the family creates people, maintains social development, and reproduction. People are society’s most valuable asset. The family’s ability to perform this function is the difference between the survival and development of society and its destruction;

Childbirth is a natural survival function as well as a social law. The family’s ability to perform this function depends on the economic and social conditions of each country;

Human reproduction will always be associated with nurturing and education for the purpose of the healthy physical, intellectual, and moral development of each individual to become useful citizens of society;

  • Educational function: The family is each person’s first school; the family’s role is to educate future generations from the moment each member is born until they reach adulthood;

Adults are the ones who are in charge of education in the family. Depending on each family and the children being educated, the family will have appropriate educational methods. However, the State strictly prohibits illegal educational methods;

  • Economic function: This function enables the family to survive, develop and successfully perform the function of maintaining the reproduction and the function of education.
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