What are the legal consequences of the termination of adoption?

When there is a petition to terminate the adoption of the statutory persons and there are sufficient grounds to accept this request, the Court will issue a judgment to terminate the adoption. This will result in:

  • The rights and obligations between the adoptive parents and the adopted child terminating: should the adopted person be a minor or an adult who is disabled or has lost the civil capacity to act or working capacity, and possesses no property to support themselves, the Court shall make a decision to assign that child to his/her natural parents or another individual or organization to care for, nurture and educate.
  • Should the adopted person have personal property, he/she will be entitled to receive back such property; if the adopted person has contributed to the common property of the adoptive parents, he/she will be entitled to part of such property in proportion to his/her contribution as agreed upon with the adoptive parents; if no agreement can be reached, this may be brought to a court for settlement.
  • At the request of the natural parents or the adopted person, the competent state agency shall decide to restore his/her name as before the adoption.
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