What are the obligations and personal rights of husband and wife?

The personal rights and obligations of husband and wife are provided for in the 2015 Civil Code and defined clearly in the 2014 Law on Marriage and Family, including the following rights and obligations:

  • The husband and wife are equal, having equal rights and obligations in all family affairs;
  • Husband and wife have the obligation to love, be faithful to, respect, attend to, care for, and help each other and share family work;
  • Unless otherwise agreed by them or due to the requirements of their occupations, work or study, or participation in political, economic, cultural or social activities or for another plausible reason, husband and wife have the obligation to live together;
  • The domicile of husband and wife shall be selected as agreed upon by themselves without being bound by customs, practices or administrative boundaries;
  • The husband and wife have the obligation to respect, preserve and protect each other’s honor, dignity and prestige;
  • The husband and wife have the obligation to respect each other’s right to freedom of belief and religion;
  • The husband and wife have the right and obligation to create conditions for each other to select their professions; study and increase their educational levels and professional qualifications and skills; and take part in political, economic, cultural and social activities.

In addition, the husband and wife also have the right to represent each other according to the provisions of the law or to represent each other as authorized. Regulations on the right of representation between husband and wife are an important legal basis to protect the legitimate rights and interests of the spouses, as well as a third party, when one of the spouses establishes or performs civil transactions.

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