What are the powers and duties of the Marriage Support Center?

  1. A center has the following powers:
  1. To consult Vietnamese citizens about matters relating to marriage and family involving foreign elements and Vietnamese citizens under the guidance of the Women’s Union;
  2. To consult and train Vietnamese citizens in the languages, culture, customs and habits, and the marriage and family and immigration laws of the countries of the persons whom they expect to marry;
  3. To consult and assist foreigners in learning about the languages, culture, customs and habits, and the marriage and family laws of Vietnam;
  4. To assist marriage partners in understanding the personal and family circumstances of their partners and other related matters as requested by the partners;
  5. To grant certificates to Vietnamese citizens who have received and training under Points a and b of Clause 1 of this Article, when so requested;
  6. To assist the marriage partners in completing the marriage registration dossiers in accordance with the law, when so requested;
  7. To provide matchmaking for Vietnamese citizens or foreigners wishing to find foreign or Vietnamese partners for marriage;
  8. To cooperate with the foreign marriage counseling and support organizations set up in accordance with the laws of that country in resolving matters related to marriage and family between the Vietnamese citizens and foreigners;
  9. To receive remuneration to cover operation expenses and payments for other reasonable actual expenses in accordance with the law, ensuring the non-profit principle;
  10. To change the contents of its operation registration certificate in accordance with Article 56 of Decree 126/2014/NĐ-CP.
  1. A center has the following duties;
  1. To operate in compliance with its operation registration certificate;
  2. To counsel and assist all requesters regardless of their nationality and their place for residence; to grant certificates to requesters after counseling and support;
  3. To publicly disclose the remuneration levels pursuant to regulations;
  4. To keep confidential personal information and materials, and personal and family secrets of parties in accordance with the law;
  5. To report periodically every 6 months and annually on its operations, to send financial statements concerning its income and expenditures related to foreigner-involved marriages and family counseling and support activities to the Women’s Union and provincial-level Justice Department where it is registered; to report and provide documents or explain matters related to its operations when so requested by competent State agencies;
  6. To submit to inspection and management by the Women’s Union;
  7. To submit to inspection and examination by the Central Committee of the Vietnam Women’s Union, the Ministry of Justice, the Provincial-level Justice Department where it is registered, and to other competent agencies in accordance with the law;
  8. Other obligations as prescribed by law.
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