What backward customs and practices contravene the provisions of the 2014 Law on Marriage and Family and are strictly prohibited from being applied?

  • Polygamy;
  • Marriage between people of the same direct lines of descent and between relatives within three generations;
  • The custom of abducting wives in order to coerce women into marriage.
  • Demanding high value wedding presents of a commercial nature;
  • The levirate marriage customs: Whereby when the husband dies, the widow is forced to marry her elder or younger brother-in-law; when the wife dies, the widower is forced to marry his elder or younger sister-in-law;
  • Forcing the widow or widower who remarries to repay the wedding money to the family of her ex-husband or his ex-wife;
  • Reclaiming back property or imposing fines when the wife or husband asks for a divorce.
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