What conditions must a person meet to donate sperm or ovum?

Sperm and ovum donors must satisfy the following conditions:

  1. A sperm or egg donor shall be examined and tested to make sure that he/she suffers no hereditary disease which can affect subsequent generations; suffers no mental or other disease which deprives him/her of the capacity to perceive and control his/her acts; and is not infected with HIV.
  2. Sperm or eggs shall be donated on a voluntary basis only at a medical examination and treatment establishment recognized by the Ministry of Health as qualified to perform in vitro fertilization.
  3. Health examination and treatment establishments may not provide the names, ages, addresses or images of sperm donors.
  4. Sperm and eggs of a donor shall be used for only one person and may be used for another person only if the childbirth fails. In case the childbirth is successful, all unused sperm or eggs shall be destroyed or donated to scientific research institutions.
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