What conditions must be met by persons who adopt?

In order an adoption to be recognized by the law, the person who adopts must fully meet the following conditions:

  • Having full civil capacity to act;
  • Being 20 years or more years older than the adopted children;
  • Possess health, financial and accommodation conditions that will ensure the care for, nurturing and education of the adopted child;
  • Having good ethical qualities;
  • The following persons may not adopt a child: persons who have had parental rights towards a minor child restricted; persons who are currently serving administrative handling decisions at an educational institution or medical treatment establishment; persons who are currently serving prison sentences; persons who have a criminal record of committing any of the following crimes: intentionally infringing upon the life, health, dignity and honor of others; maltreating or persecuting one’s grandparents, parents, spouses, children, grandchildren or caretaker; enticing or compelling a minor to violate the law or harboring a minor who violates the law; trafficking in, exchanging or appropriating children, crimes of sexual abuse against children; acts of inciting or forcing children to take illegal or unethical actions.
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