What is forcing marriage?

A forced marriage is the practice of threatening, mentally intimidating, tormenting, ill-treating, demanding property or another act to force a person to get married against his/her will.

The act of forced marriage can be done by one of the two people getting married towards the other or a third party, such as a parent or other person, on whom the person forced to get married is physically or mentally dependent. The act of forcing marriage often manifests itself in many different forms such as: torture, ill-treatment, or intimidation, which does not allow the forced person any choice other than to get married against their will.

The act of forced marriage is contrary to the principle of voluntary marriage in the Law on Marriage and Family. Therefore, when getting married, if one or both parties are forced, their marriage is illegal. The Court has the power to annul that marriage upon request and there will be sanctions that may be applied against people who have committed acts of forced marriage, such as administrative sanctions or criminal prosecution.

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