What is the procedure for birth registration?

The procedures for birth registration are as follows:

Within 60 days after the birth of their child, the father or mother shall register the child’s birth; if the parents are unable to register their child’s birth, the grandfather or grandmother or another relative or the individual or organization that is nurturing the child shall register his/her birth.

Birth registrants shall submit declarations made according to a set form as well as a birth certificate to the civil status registration agency.

Birth certificates are issued by the medical facilities where the child was born; if the child was not born in a medical facility, a document of a witness certifying the birth shall be submitted; if there is no witness, there must be a written declaration of the birth. For birth registration for abandoned children, there must be a written record certifying the child’s abandonment made by a competent agency; for birth registration for children born to surrogate mothers, there must be a document proving the surrogacy as prescribed by law.

Immediately after receiving the full documentation, the justice and civil status officers shall record the birth registration contents in the civil status books and update them in the electronic civil status database and the national population database.

In the case of a birth registration for a child whose parent remains unidentified, the sections about his/her parent in the civil status book and his/her birth certificate shall be left blank. If, upon birth registration, the parent requests to carry out child recognition procedures, the Commune People’s Committee shall settle the child recognition and birth registration concurrently.

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