What is the procedure for parent or child recognition involving foreign elements?

A person who wishes to have a parent and child relationship recognized must prepare an application dossier and submit the following documents:

  • A declaration recognizing the parent and child using the prescribed form.
  • Evidence proving the parent and child relationship which includes one of the following documents:
    • A written document verifying the parent and child relationship issued by a health agency, examination agency or other competent agencies and organizations in the country or another country;
    • If evidence proving the parent and child relationship is not available, the parties requesting a parent and child recognition shall make a written affidavit regarding the parent and child relationship which must be witnessed by at least 02 people;
  • In cases of registering the parent and child   recognition between Vietnamese citizens and foreigners or between foreigners, the foreigner(s) shall additionally submit copies of their passports or valid passport substitute papers to prove their personal identity;
    The person requesting the recognition of father, mother, and child (one side or both sides) shall directly submit the application dossier to the competent People’s Committee at the District level;
  • Dossier recipients shall be responsible for immediately checking and comparing the information in the declaration along with the validity of papers submitted or produced by requester;
  • If a dossier is incomplete, the recipient shall guide the requester to complete it as prescribed. If a dossier is complete and valid, the recipient shall write a receipt specifying the date and time for receipt of the result; If the dossier cannot be completed immediately, the recipient shall prepare a written guidance, clearly stating the types of documents and contents that must be completed and sign the guidance with his/her full name;
  • The civil status officer shall verify and post the parent and child recognition decision at the head office of the District-level People’s Committee for 07 consecutive days, and at the same time send a written request to the Commune-level People’s Committee, where the permanent residence of the person recognized as parent or child is located, to post the decision for 7 consecutive days at its head office;
  • If finding the parent and child recognition correct and there is no dispute, the Justice Division shall report to the Chairman of the District-level People’s Committe. If the People’s Committee chairperson approves, they shall sign the extract of the recognition granting each party one original of the civil status extract copy;
  • Upon registration of the recognition of parent and child, both parent and child must be present, and the officer in charge of the civil status work shall record in the registration book the recognition of parent-child; the requesting person shall also be instructed to check the content of the extract of registration of recognition of parent and child and the registration book and, together with other parties, sign in the book.

Processing time: 15 working days.

Requirements for implementation:

  • The receiving party and the parent and child are both alive;
  • The recognition of the parent and child is not disputed.
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