What responsibilities do the State and society have towards marriage and family?

  • The State shall adopt policies and measures to protect marriage and the family and create conditions for males and females to establish voluntary,progressive, monogamous marriage in which the husband and wife are equal; build prosperous, progressive, and happy families fulfilling all of their functions; strengthen the propaganda, dissemination and education about the law on marriage and family; and mobilize the people to abolish backward marriage and family customs and practices and promote good traditions, customs and practices embodying the identity of each nationality;
  • The Government shall perform the unified state management of marriage and family. Ministries and ministerial-level agencies shall perform the state management of marriage and family as assigned by the Government. People’s Committees at all levels and other agencies shall perform the state management of marriage and family in accordance with the law;
  • Agencies and organizations shall educate and mobilize their cadres, civil servants, public employees, laborers, and members as well as every citizen to build cultured families; promptly conciliate family discords and protect the lawful rights and interests of family members. Schools shall coordinate with families in educating about, disseminating and popularizing the marriage and family law amongst younger generations.
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