What rights and obligations do citizens have toward the population policies?

According to the laws on population, citizens shall have the following rights and obligations:

Rights of the citizens:

  • To be supplied with information on the population;
  • To be provided with quality, convenient, safe and confidential population services as prescribed by law;
  • To select measures to take care of reproductive health, practice family planning and raise population quality; 
  • Choose a place of residence according to the provisions of the law.

Obligations of citizens:

  • To practice family planning; building families with few children, which are prosperous, equal, progressive, happy and sustainable;
  • To take appropriate measures to raise their own physical, intellectual and spiritual abilities and those of their family members;
  • To respect the interests of the State, society and community in readjusting the population size, population structure, population distribution, and in raising the population quality;
  • Every couple and individual have the obligation to implement a small family size – with 1 or 2 child(ren) – that is prosperous, equal, progressive, happy, and sustainable.
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