Hannah is the Senior Associate of Le & Tran and its “Family Lawyers” branch.

In March 2014, Hannah joined Le & Tran.  She has successfully resolved many high-profile matters relating to investment and corporate compliance practices for global corporations from the US, the UK, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Korea, and Australia. In addition, Hannah provides vital support to many companies in planning strategies and navigating business, immigration, and corporate reorganization issues in compliance with the complex legal system in Vietnam.

In March 2019, “Family Lawyersa legal branch of Le & Tran was established, focusing only on the practice of family law. Hannah joins Family Lawyers team and has successfully resolved many family matters: marriage, divorce, child matters, will & estate, and Vietnamese immigration.

  • Prenuptial Agreements
  • Marriage Registration
  • Birth Certificates
  • Adoption
  • Nationality
  • Contested & Uncontested Divorce
  • Division of Assets
  • Custody Right
  • Wills & Estates
  • Vietnam Immigration


  • Assisting foreigners from the UK, Belgium, Denmark, Malta, Morocco, South Africa, etc., in successfully registering their marriage with Vietnamese citizens in Vietnam.
  • Assisting foreigners from the U.S., Japan, France, Hong Kong, Indonesia, etc., in successfully registering their marriage in Vietnam.
  • Assisting an Australian in successfully recording his marriage with the Vietnamese wife registered overseas in Vietnam.
  • Assisting couples in making their prenuptial agreements which involve their assets inside and outside Vietnam.
  • Assisting foreigner and Vietnamese couples in making mutual agreements on marital assets to overcome restrictions of the Vietnam law applied to foreigners owning properties in Vietnam.
  • Assisting foreign parents in obtaining Vietnamese birth certificates and foreign nationalities for their newborn babies in Vietnam.
  • Assisting foreigners from UK, Malta… in adopting their stepchildren in Vietnam.

Divorce & children matters

  • Defending an American in a custody dispute over his son with a Vietnamese woman having no marriage relationship with him. The woman abused the custody right to get money from our client, threatened to harm the son, and cut off contact whenever she wanted to get more money.
  • Defending a British citizen in a divorce with a custody dispute over his daughter (who is placed under the protection of the High Court of England and Wales) with a Vietnamese woman and enforcing a Wardship Directions Order of the High Court of England and Wales in Vietnam. The woman brought the child to Vietnam without his consent and refused to return the child to England and Wales.
  • Defending an Australian citizen in a divorce with a Vietnamese woman with a dispute regarding marital properties located in Vietnam (real estates, shares, cars, etc.); however, most of them are under the wife’s name due to the restrictions by the Vietnamese law applied to the husband as a foreigner.
  • Defending another Australian citizen in a dispute over his purchase of an apartment in Vietnam. Due to the restrictions by Vietnamese law, he is not eligible to put his name on the ownership certificate. He asked his ex-girlfriend (a Vietnamese woman) to put her name on it instead, then she did not return the apartment to him.
  • Advising a Filipino citizen in a potential divorce from her Vietnamese husband because of his affair. Due to the restrictions on foreigners under Vietnamese law, all martial properties are under the husband’s and his relatives’ names.
  • Advising a Japanese national (who is in a court case in Japan) of Vietnamese legislations to define the paternity relationship between the client and a child of a Vietnamese woman with whom he has been in a common-law relationship.
  • Advising an American (who is in a court case in the U.S.) of Vietnamese legislations to define the validity of the client’s marriage with a Vietnamese woman who was already married to someone in Vietnam at the time she married the client.

Will and estates

  • Assisting two Americans in declaring their mother’s death in Vietnam under Vietnam law and obtaining a Consular Report of Death Abroad under U.S. law.
  • Assisting two Americans in proving their Vietnamese origin, and obtaining their Vietnamese birth certificates, which they lost several years ago during immigration into the U.S. so that they can be eligible for their mother’s inheritance in Vietnam.
  • Assisting two Americans in legally entitling themselves to their mother’s inheritance in Vietnam, including two condos, savings of money, and a safety box in banks (UOB, Standard Chartered, Vietcombank).
  • Assisting two Americans in transferring money outside Vietnam.
  • Assisting parents, residing in Denmark, in claiming their Danish son’s inheritance in Vietnam, and transfering the money to their bank accounts in Denmark.
  • Assisting Vietnamese, Americans, Danish etc. in making the last will & testament to distribute their real estate and personal properties inside and outside Vietnam.

Vietnam immigration

  • Assisting many foreigners in obtaining visas, work permits, and temporary residence cards to stay and work in Vietnam legally.
  • Assisting foreigners in a business start-up in Vietnam.
  • Bachelor of Law – Ho Chi Minh University of Law, Vietnam
  • Member of Ho Chi Minh City Bar, Vietnam
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