Lamy Lam

Head of Private Client Services

Lamy is the Head of Private Client Services at Le & Tran and joined the firm in 2022.  Before joining Le & Tran, Lamy had worked in the Energy Sector for 12 years at Schlumberger, one of the world’s largest oil and gas service companies. After that, she made her transition into law by obtaining a law degree and joining several law firms in Australia.

She understands and applies Australian Common law and Vietnamese Civil law.  Before returning to Vietnam, she had opportunities to serve various foreign clients in various deals on property and family matters, residential and commercial property conveyancing matters, exchange contracts and equity disputes.  Along with her work, she has vast life experience and professional experience in dealing with international customers and understanding their needs.

In August 2022, she officially leads the ‘Family Lawyers’ Department, a legal branch at Le & Tran Trial Lawyers, focusing on the practice of Matrimonial & Family law.  She and her team have contributed to successfully resolve many family matters: signing prenuptial agreements, marriage registration, child adoption, will and estate matters, and other private legal issues for foreign clients living and working in Vietnam or planning to come to Vietnam.

  • Matrimonial and Family 
  • Contested and Uncontested divorce
  • Disputes over custody rights and assets
  • Conveyancing
  • Child matters
  • Wills and estates
  • Immigration licensing


  • Assisted couples in making their prenuptial agreements, and mutual agreements on marital assets.
  • Assisted foreign nationals in obtaining their marriage registration.
  • Assisted Vietnamese citizens who registered their marriage overseas in successfully recording their marriage with Vietnamese authorities.

Child matters

  • Assisted foreign parents in obtaining Vietnamese birth certificates for their baby born in Vietnam.
  • Assisted foreign nationals in child adoption process.

Disputes over custody rights and assets 

  • Assisted a foreign national in a custody dispute over his son with a Vietnamese woman having no marriage relationship with him.
  • Assisting a foreign citizen in a divorce with a custody dispute over his daughter.

Wills and estates

  • Assisted clients in making the last will and testament to distribute their real estate and personal properties inside and outside Vietnam.


  • Assisted foreign nationals in the conveyancing of properties, cars, and other assets.
  • Assisted foreign nationals living and working in Vietnam to successfully obtain TRC and Work Permits. 


  • “Being diligent and energetic is what I really appreciate from you.  Also, you have proven that  you can handle the private client services very well, you deserve it.”
    Stephen Le– Lead Trial Lawyer at Le & Tran
  • “Thank you for all of your assistance. You were great.”
    Don Thayer – Client served by Family Lawyers
  • Bachelor of Engineering – Ho Chi Minh University of Technology, Vietnam
  • Bachelor of Law – Charles Darwin University, Australia
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