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Family Lawyers Vietnam thường xuyên được đánh giá cao về chất lượng dịch vụ khách hàng và chuyên môn pháp lý. Đọc thêm về kinh nghiệm làm việc với chúng tôi từ thông tin phản hồi của một số khách hàng

“A friend recommended Stephen and his Law Firm Le & Tran, from the first meeting I knew that Stephen was exactly the lawyer I needed. My family law case has been difficult because it’s complicated, but Stephen and his staff have been very patient, diligent and professional. I have every confidence that the legal team will help me to achieve the desired result.”

Michael Ennis

“Great law firm covering a large scope of activities. Supporting their client best interest and cost effective.”

Stephane Masse

“We are very appreciative of what Mr. Stephen and his team have done for us. They have been very professional in their advice and prompt in handling our case in a timely manner. Truly grateful. Thank you so much!”

Ms. Linh

“Before we meet Vietnam Family Lawyers, we can’t close our family’s issue for a few years. But after we start working with them they solve everything in just a few weeks. And during the case their guidance is always fast and helpful. Also, every step by step, they kindly explain to us what the current situation is and how we can solve the next step together.”

Mr. Gwanwoo

“Mr. Le did successfully assist D.I.E.C Singapore in the matters relating to debt recovery from two Vietnamese companies. Mr. Le usually approached the solutions in innovative ways and worked closedly and full-heartedly with me. It is also worth mention the level of confidence and diligence that Mr. Le demonstrated when working with me were extraordinary.”

Goh Yong Ang (Former General Director of D.I.E.C Singapore Pte. Ltd)

“A solid lawyer who always has client’s best interest in mind.”

Peiyi Tung (Taiwanese lawyer – worked with Stephen while she was with Poyuen Vietnam)

“I had the pleasure of working with Stephen on several issues over the years and have always found him to be extremely bright, VERY aggressive and always to the point. He responds quickly and is always extremely honest in his opinion, even if you don’t want to hear it. There are not many people who merit the distinction of being labelled as honorable and results oriented but, in my book, he ranks with the best in protecting and caring for his clients no matter what the issue.”

Gregory Nathan (Co-founder, Grace Skincare Clinic)

“It’s not easy to find a good lawyer and even rarer a good litigator in Vietnam, even for someone like myself who works with lawyers frequently for our M&A deals and strategic projects. When we needed a litigator who we can trust to handle one of our most important matters, we selected Stephen out of about 10 lawyers we had discussed with. Stephen is intelligent, compassionate, and full of energy with a strong heart in doing and advising the best thing for his clients, balanced with a calm approach when we were reaching critical moments. He provided a wealth of experience and practical insights to help us navigate and succeed in one of our most difficult and emotional situations.”

Ms. Binh Le (Founder – CEO of ASART)

“Stephen and I worked together and that experience impressed upon me Stephen’s responsiveness, tactical acumen and stellar work ethic. He is a trusted and effective lawyer to go to for legal matters.”

Kenneth Tan (Lawyer practising in Singapore)

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