What are measures to improve the population quality?

Improving the population quality is a basic policy of the State in the development of the country, to improve the human development index of Vietnam to an advanced level as compared with the rest of the world, to meet the requirements of industrialization, and to modernize the country. The measures to raise the population quality include:

  • Ensuring fundamental human rights; the right to full and equal physical, intellectual and spiritual development; support to improve the basic indicators regarding height, weight and endurance; increasing average life expectancy; and raising the educational level as well as the average per capita income;
  • Propagating, advising and helping people to understand and actively and voluntarily take measures to raise the population quality; for new measures, it is necessary to propagate, materially and spiritually support, as well as organize testing for individuals and family members to respond to and participate in their implementation.
  • Diversifying the provision of goods and public services, especially in the fields of education and health, with a view to improving the standard of living and raising the population quality; 
  • Implementing policies and measures to give support to regions with difficult or exceptionally difficult socio-economic conditions, as well as to the poor and persons meeting with difficulties, in order to improve the population quality.
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