What are the procedures for registration of child adoption when adopting a specific Vietnamese child?

  • A foreigner who wants to adopt a particular child will prepare 02 application dossiers and submit them to the Department of Child Adoption of the Ministry of Justice of Vietnam. The application dossier shall be comprised of the following documents:
  • A written request form for the adoption of Vietnamese children;
  • A copy of the passport or valid substitute documents;
  • Written permission for adopting a child in Vietnam;
  • A completed questionnaire on psychology and family;
  • A health certificate;
  • An income and property certificate;
  • A judicial record sheet;
  • A written certification of marital status;
  • A copy of the Marriage Certificate of the stepfather or stepmother with the natural mother or father of the adopted child;
  • Papers and documents proving that the adopting persons are the natural aunt or uncle of the adopted person;
  • Confirming document of the Commune-level People’s Committee or the police of the place of residence in Vietnam of the adopting persons, and other papers and documents proving that the adopting persons are foreigners who are working or studying uninterruptedly in Vietnam for a period of at least 01 year prior to the date of filing the dossiers at the Department of Child Adoption. 

The above-mentioned documents, if issued by a competent foreign authority, must be translated into Vietnamese and legalized at a Vietnamese Diplomatic Mission or the Consulate Office abroad, except for the cases of exemption from consular legalization pursuant to an international treaty to which the Socialist Republic of Vietnam is a contracting party or according to the principle of reciprocity.

For the children being adopted, the application must contain:

  • The birth certificate;
  • A health certificate issued by a health agency at the District-level or higher;
  • Two photos of the whole body looking straight ahead, taken within the past 06 months;
  • For an abandoned child, a record of certification made by the People’s Committee or the police station at the Commune level where the child was discovered. 
  • For orphaned children, the death certificate of the natural parent(s) or a Court decision declaring the biological parent(s) of the child is (are) deceased;
  • For children whose parents are missing, a Court decision declaring the biological parent(s) is (are) missing; 
  • For children whose parents have lost the civil capacity to act, a Court decision declaring that the biological parent(s) has (have) lost the civil capacity to act.
  • For children being admitted to foster care, the acceptance receipt from the foster home; 
  • A document concerning the child’s significant characteristics, interests, and habits (this document is not required in cases where the stepfather or stepmother is adopting the child).

Procedure to implement:

  • After preparing the above documents, the parties may submit them directly to the Public Service Portal of the Ministry of Justice or register to submit the dossier and receive the results at home, or send the documents by post or submit directly to the Department of Child Adoption – Ministry of Justice.
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